Equi-Spirit Horse Ball

Equi-Spirit Horse Ball


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Our horses love these and we know yours will too!


What is an Equi-Spirit Horse Ball?

The Equi-Spirit™ ball is big, beautiful, weather resistant and provides your equine partner play all day!  Extremely durable, these 40" balls are made with a heavy duty inner bladder which is then covered by a cover.  Horses do not get bored with the Equi-Spirit horse balls as they sometimes do with other toys.


Tired of buying balls that tear or pop shortly after play begins?  Don't be fooled!  If it doesn't have the Equi-Spirit logo, it's not an Equi-Spirit ball!


What makes Equi-Spirit balls different?

  • Equi-Spirit balls are made for horses, not humans.
  • Equi-Spirit balls have an outside cover which protects the inner pvc (anti-burst) bladder - therefore horses cannot bite a hole in the bladder.  Others only have a thin rubber bladder filled with air, making it easy for horses to bite and pop the ball. 
  • Equi-Spirit balls can be used for free play.  Others are labeled for supervised use only.
  • The inner bladder of the Equi-Spirit ball can be replaced should it burst (such as from a nail puncture).  Others require you to purchase a whole new ball.
  • Equi-Spirit balls come with a warranty.  Others do not.   
  • Equi-Spirit ball covers are made in the USA. 


We stock three fun designs: 

We stock the always fun Smiley Face, the red and black soccer ball and the neon yellow and black soccer ball.  Any other design is considered a special custom order.

The Equi-Spirit balls that we stock are designed for moderate use in a groomed environment (such as an arena or pasture not containing sharp branches or thorns).  For more rugged use, we are happy to special order the "Ultimate" ball for you.  A 25" ball (not suitable for horses, but perfect for dogs) can also be special ordered.  Special orders, as well as regular orders, can be done through our website or our store.  Special custom orders are ordered just for you and may not be returned - thank you for your understanding.

Copy and paste the the link below to watch a variety of  Equi-Spirit play sessions:


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