Horse Games and Puzzles for Kids

Horse Games and Puzzles for Kids
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102 Brainteasers, word games, jokes and riddles, picture puzzles, matches and logic tests for horse loving kids.  Test your horse sense-in 102 zany ways!

     *Fill in the blanks to create funny pony poems
     *Solve this riddle: "What is a horse's favorite hairstyle?"
     *Find all the lost horseshoes in the pasture
     *Track down a smorgasbord of horse treats
     *Complete a Horses Lover's Crossword Puzzle
     *Pair up the famous horse with its rider
     *Draw four horse faces
     *Match the Cantering Chef's horses to the foods he named after them
     *Sort out a corral of letters to spell horse breeds
     *Draw a perfect horse... in 6 easy steps
     *Run the roses in "The Kentucky Card Derby"

Plus a whole lot more!!!

Written by: Cindy A. Littlefield



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